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The Online Travel Benchmarking Group (OTBG) is a new division of Harrell Associates dedicated to comparing the airfare, hotel and car-rental pricing quoted on various online travel sites. Client data is analyzed and used to develop virtual trips, which are then routed to the sites. Through these concurrent booking simulations, we facilitate the comparison of fares offered by the major airfare websites.

OTBG uses various sources and techniques to develop standard or customized online travel benchmarking data for both domestic and international bookings. This includes the analysis of historical booking-source data to develop a testing plan that mirrors the source database in important booking variables such as advance purchase, trip length, departure/return times, booking window, day of week travel, minimum stay, use of alternate airports, nonstop/connection, penalty fare usage and preferred carrier usage.

Previous sites examined include American Express,
Carlson, Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, Travelocity and World Travel. Customers include site owners such as American Express and independent rating organizations such as Consumer Reports.

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View our route map — extensive coverage includes 280 routes originating from 34 major U.S.

What our clients are saying about us:

“Harrell Associates OTBG allowed us
to understand and promote the strengths of our system vs. the competition.”

director of marketing, travel management company

“We could not
have launched the promotion of our system without the Harrell Associates data to support our claims.”

vice president of sales, travel management company

“Functionality analysis by Harrell Associates lets us respond
with confidence to customer comments and concerns about our system.”

director of product development, travel management company

“The Harrell Associates analysis is a consistent hit with our sales force.”

sales manager, travel management company

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