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AERO 100 Airfare Index

Single best gauge of the U.S. domestic airfare market.

Index is "tradable", enabling companies to hedge their exposure to fluctuating airfares.

Tracks 10,000 fares daily across the 100 largest domestic routes
(13 major airlines represented).

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Harrell Associates focuses on three areas: airfare benchmarking, online travel benchmarking and travel systems auditing. In addition, our firm has extensive experience in airline and travel consulting. We provide benchmarking and media relations advice on the travel and airline industries to a number of major financial institutions, including American Express, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, and engage in ad hoc consulting and market research for the travel industry.

Our firm produces weekly airfare benchmarking reports, airline yield forecasting and online travel benchmarking. Custom reports created for clients in the past include global travel management techniques, liberalization of the airline industry in Europe, yield management, and Internet pricing.

For more information about the airfare and airline industry, please feel free to contact Harrell Associates by e-mail or telephone. We welcome any questions you may have regarding the travel industry and the services we offer.

Airfare Benchmarking
Airfare benchmarking is a reference against which other airfares can be compared ...

Online Travel Benchmarking
The Online Travel Benchmarking Group (OTBG) is a new division of Harrell Associates dedicated to comparing the airfare, hotel and ...

Travel Systems Auditing
Harrell Associates can audit client data in travel management programs such as Global Distribution ...

Airline Travel Consulting

In addition to benchmarking and auditing, advising clients is an important part of the services we offer at Harrell Associates. Yield forecasting, global travel management and strategic industry studies are just a few of the areas in which we've lent our expertise to major airlines as well as Fortune 500 companies.

The Short Haul Pricing Index, price negotiation strategies, evaluation of travel policies and policy enforcement, and a system that maximizes revenue streams are recently developed tools that have quickly proven to be invaluable to travel agencies, corporations and government agencies. Our ability to outsource airline pricing (including market evaluation and tariff filing) and assess Internet airline pricing rounds out the consulting services we offer, providing you with the industry insight necessary to conduct business with confidence.

Route Map

View our route map — extensive coverage includes 280 routes originating from 34 major U.S.

What our clients are saying about us:

“Harrell Associates’ benchmarking data is essential in tracking industry pricing trends—especially given that the airlines themselves provide so little timely data.”

airline industry sell-side analyst

“Harrell Associates OTBG allowed us
to understand and promote the strengths of our system vs. the competition.”

director of marketing, travel management company

“Travel Systems Auditing is essential when the suppliers control the data loading process without it you cannot be sure that the rates are in compliance with our agreements.”

supplier relations manager, travel management company

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