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Bob Harrell, principal, is a nationally recognized travel expert in the United States and has been involved with the aviation and travel industries for more than 20 years. He founded Harrell Associates a decade ago, and since then has been regularly quoted in the national press on topics ranging from airfare and travel to the airline industry in general. Bob has extensive experience both with the distribution and supplier side of the travel industry.

At American Express, where he served as a vice president for almost eight years, Bob was responsible for the airfare management unit and airline supplier relations and was an authorized spokesperson for American Express Travel. Prior to that, he was with Pan American Airways for 15 years. An airfare expert, a title conferred on him by the media, he has a degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Virginia and an MBA from Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business.


8/5/2007 - Orlando Sentinel
Airline targets small cities

8/3/2007 - Business Week
Light jets spawn new business flights

8/1/2007 - Smart Money Magazine
Capturing a Fare Deal

7/21/2007 - CNN Money
Capturing a fare deal

7/14/2007 - San Francisco Chronicle
Wanna get away? Bring more money

7/7/2007 - Chicago Business Crains
Asian blues hit United

7/3/2007 - Business Week
Will All-Biz Airlines Fly?

3/6/2007 - Wall Street Journal
Spirit Air To Cut Fares But Charge For Baggage, Coffee, Soda

2/12/2007 - Chicago Crains
Southwest effect helps local biz fliers

2/5/2007 - Business Travel News
Airfare Growth Softens After A Year Of Pricing Hegemony

12/9/2006 - New York Times
Northwest Air to Hire Adviser, and Talk of a Merger Starts

11/17/2006 - Intl Herald Tribune
US Airways seeks to become world's biggest carrier

11/16/2006 - New York Times
The Many Lives of US Airways

11/9/2006 - Forbes.com
Best First Class 2006

9/30/2006 - St Petersburg Times
Travelers stay put if fares are unfair

9/12/2006 - Washington Post
Airlines test pricing power despite slow demand

9/11/2006 - Business Travel News
U.S. Airfares To Climb On Wings Of Demand

8/14/2006 - Business Travel News
Airlines Flex Pricing Power With Fare Hikes

8/11/2006 - New York Times
A Brief Recovery and Now This

8/5/2006 - Washington Post
Shuttle Fares to New York Top $600

7/30/2006 - Dallas Morning News
Airfares aren't expected to drop

7/11/2006 - Wall Street Journal
Homing In on Lower Airfares

7/6/2006 - Newark Star Ledger
Things are looking up again for major airlines

4/30/2006 - Los Angeles Times
Book ahead or you'll pay more

4/25/2006 - Chicago Tribune
Fuel costs force low-cost airlines to raise prices

4/25/2006 - Wall Street Journal
Low-Cost Airlines Raise Fares

4/23/2006 - New York Times
Trans-Atlantic Traffic Lanes Are Getting Busy

4/21/2006 - Seattle Times
$3 gas? Money-grubbing airlines? Good planning is how you fight back

4/21/2006 - Travel Distribution News
Interview with Andy McGraw, senior vice president and general manager, American Express Business Travel

4/14/2006 - Rocky Mountain News
Leisure fares to Denver slide 18%

4/3/2006 - Business Travel News
U.S. Airfares Rise: 2005 Shows Consecutive Quarterly Hikes After Years Of Declining Prices

4/2/2006 - New York Times
For Low Fares, the Waiting Game May Not Pay

3/31/2006 - Bloomberg.com
United, Delta Air Raise Some Business Fares by $50

2/8/2006 - TheStreet.com
Price Is Right at AMR

1/17/2006 - The Wall Street Journal
Rivals Show Restraint After Independence Fails

1/14/2006 - The New York Times
Businesses Are Getting Price Break on Fares

12/31/2005 - Atlanta Journal Constitution
Bargain flights not such a steal this January

12/20/2005 - Consumer Reports
Do Travel Search Engines Deliver?

11/15/2005 - The Wall Street Journal
Fliers Embrace Airlines' New Pricing

10/30/2005 - The New York Times
At the Holidays, Few Gifts for Travelers

10/28/2005 - The Wall Street Journal
Scrambling to Pile On Perks

10/25/2005 - The New York Times
Step Right Up, the Fares Are Down

10/23/2005 - The New York Times
Flights to the Islands: It's a Buyer's Market

10/16/2005 - Post-Gazette
Unlocking Mystery Behind Airfares

10/16/2005 - Los Angeles Times
Warning: Turbulence Ahead

10/10/2005 - Travel Distribution Reports
Amex Sets Out to Trounce Internet Agencies on Price

10/4/2005 - The Wall Street Journal
Airlines Plan Stingy Holiday Season

9/23/2005 - USA Today
Now's the Time to Book Holiday Flights

9/15/2005 - Detroit Free Press
Savvy Low-Fare Shoppers Add to Airlines' Woes

8/9/2005 - The New York Times
Your Very Own Personal Airfare

6/27/2005 - Houston Chronicle
Airline Fares Topsy-Turvy

5/22/2005 - Los Angeles Times
The Skies Won't Be So Friendly to Your Wallet This Summer

5/20/2005 - The Wall Street Journal
Frequent Criers

5/8/2005 - USA Today
Independence Air Forcing Lower Fares to, from D.C.

3/24/2005 - The New York Times
Airlines Are Raising Fares Ever So Gingerly

3/23/2005 - USA Today
Airfares Stay Low Despite Oil Prices

2/9/2005 - Star Tribune
Fare Cuts Seem to Be Holding Firm

2/7/2005 - USA Today
'Simplified' Ticketing Is Not So Simple for All Fliers

1/26/2005 - The Wall Street Journal
Business Travelers Get Fare Relief

1/11/2005 - The Wall Street Journal
Airlines Cut Prices on Overseas Fares

1/5/2005 - The Wall Street Journal
New Pressure to Simplify Airfare

7/14/2004 - Chicago Tribune
Fare War No Bargain for United

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“Harrell Associates’ benchmarking data is essential in tracking industry pricing trends—especially given that the airlines themselves provide so little timely data.”

airline industry sell-side analyst

“Harrell Associates OTBG allowed us
to understand and promote the strengths of our system vs. the competition.”

director of marketing, travel management company

“Travel Systems Auditing is essential when the suppliers control the data loading process … without it you cannot be sure that the rates are in compliance with our agreements.”

supplier relations manager, travel management company

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