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Airfare Benchmarking is a reference against which other airfares can be compared. At Harrell Associates, various sources and techniques are used to develop standard or customized data, both current and historical, for domestic and international airfares (originating in either the United States or overseas). Ad hoc studies that calibrate airline pricing trends are also available.

Harrell Airfare Reports
Our H-Series briefs, detailed below, are a focused look at airline pricing trends and are used by many top airline security analysts. They are organized in an easy to use series of Excel tables, which include current and comparable year-old data.

The Harrell 300 is published weekly and lists current and historical airfare data on the top 40 routes for most
major airlines from 34 major U.S. cities, totaling nearly 300 origin/destination combinations. Over the period of a month, this includes over 30,000 business and leisure airfare data elements. The nearly 300 routes account for a large percentage of the revenue reported in the DOT quarterly report on the top 1,000 domestic city pairs. Since the DOT report covers about 70 percent of domestic passengers, these same routes would account for about a third of the total domestic revenue.

The Harrell 500 International is a monthly report that combines the H-300 with 200 additional international routes that originate in the U.S. and terminate at various worldwide destinations. Fare coverage in the H-500 is expanded to include first class, business class, full coach and high/low seasonal excursion fares.

The Harrell 1000 monthly features all fares included in
the H-500 plus 500 more routes covering the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii, and trans-border to Canada and Mexico.

H-1000 Plus
The Harrell 1000 Plus covers a total of 10 fare categories (including new categories such as business nonrefundable, alternate business three-point range, and leisure two-
point range) for each route cataloged monthly in the Harrell 1000.

In addition to the fare levels, fare-per-mile analysis
(airline yield) for each H-Series report is also available at the route-by-route level. Data is also summarized by airline, region of origin and destination, and origin/destination city.

Custom Reports
We tailor reports on demand to meet your specific needs. Results can be designed around virtually any combination of fare type, airline, route (domestic, international and global), point of sale (U.S., Europe, etc), or historical point in time.

Standard Reports
The reports below illustrate the scope of the reporting for both business and leisure fares for each of the nearly 300 routes tracked on a weekly basis. Note that the fare levels as well as the yield are shown in detail by route and are also summarized by airline, region and city. To receive regular reports via e-mail, please contact us.

This listing includes weekly reports covering overall national total results plus similar information for each of 34 select cities; it features current and previous week and lists comparable data for the same weeks in the previous year for two airfare categories: normal business airfares and lowest leisure airfares.

These reports are tailored to meet your specific needs and are designed around virtually any combination of fare type, airline, route (domestic, international and global), point of sale (U.S., Europe, etc.) or historical point in time.

This service offers basic subscription reports plus detailed route-by-route data for all 280 routes, as well as yields by route summarized by region, city and airline.

Our basic and route-by-route detailed subscriptions are supplemented in this plan by client-customized reports.

Please contact us directly for information on worldwide coverage that includes the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Please note that the sample reports listed below are excerpted from our H300 series of reports.

Report Sample 1: Airfare Levels Detail and Summaries

Report Sample 2: Yields and Quintile Rankings

Route Map

View our route map — extensive coverage includes 280 routes originating from 34 major U.S.

What our clients are saying about us:

“Harrell Associates’ benchmarking data is essential in tracking industry pricing trends—especially given that the airlines themselves provide so little timely data.”

airline industry sell-side analyst

“Harrell Associates OTBG allowed us
to understand and promote the strengths of our system vs. the competition.”

director of marketing, travel management company

“Travel Systems Auditing is essential when the suppliers control the data loading process without it you cannot be sure that the rates are in compliance with our agreements.”

supplier relations manager, travel management company

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